Prince Lorenzo de' Medici / The Medici family, Italy

Prince Lorenzo de' Medici  photo

Prince Lorenzo de' Medici from the Medici family of Italy is an internationally recognized artist and a businessman, he manages the family wealth, and work for other prominent international Family wealth, is an expert in investment in the art business, he has traded more than half a billion dollar in the art in his career , from Modigliani Raphael Picasso to Leonardo da Vinci. Lorenzo has a degree in international political science by the University of Florence.  A master in communication by the Trent University of Nottingham UK  and MBA in FINANCE from the business school of the University of Bologna ITALY with specific expertise in the MADE IN ITALY .

Lorenzo has worked for the luxury brands and he has developed different big real estate project in Europe. Prince Lorenzo is from a family of banker himself, his family bank was established in 1300 the oldest bank of Europe  and the most successful bank of the Renaissance. the bank Medici was the first bank to invent and create the check called the promise of payment and the first bank that understood that innovation and trust is a key factor in the banking world.  Today the Medici family is still in Banking and Finance in the USA and UK and Lorenzo collaborates with different banks and family offices around the globe's for they're investment portfolio in ART (Bank of America have invested more then 8 billion dollars in art in the last few years )as is one of the safest growing investment areas in this Volatility market era and is currently in the process of opening a  Bank based in USA that will be a BtoB Bank based on the blockchain technology called Medici International Bank with offices in New York,  Rio ,Tel- Aviv, San Juan of Puerto Rico that will be a big player in the digital world and will be a Crypto friendly bank as well the Medici family is building a global luxury real estate company based in Dallas Texas 

Prince Lorenzo is as well a successful international painter artist, his latest collection called Renaissance Pop it is a homage to his family dynasty. He was awarded best pop artist at Miami Art Basel this December with the presence of the mayor of Miami .  

Prince Lorenzo is from a  town called Martirano in Italy where the Medici family was managing the silk production. 

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