About Us

DC Finance’s Global Family Office and High Net Worth Individual Community builds an international network of high net worth individuals, family offices, and investors for mutual growth and support through first tier events worldwide.


Founded in 2003, DC Finance is today the world’s largest network of family offices and high net worth individuals in 14 destinations around the world: Tel Aviv, New York, Houston, Dallas, Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, London, Abu Dhabi and Dubai.


With a current group of 2,000 families around the world, DC's community represents a combined $500 billion of investing power. In Israel, tied in directly to the institutional investment community valued at over $1 trillion in investing power, DC Finance holds the largest conference in this space. 


Our speakers include the world’s most famous families, thought leaders, organizations, and entrepreneurs. From the SEC to the Federal Reserve, City Mayors and Senate members; from the Founders of Ethereum, Waze, LinkedIn to the world’s most prominent families.


Past speakers include members of such families as Silverstein, Desmarais, Brenninkmeijer, Spielberg, Arison, Hunt, Sawiris, Hunt, Du Pont, Musk, Perdue, Mars, Rockefeller, Firestone to name but a few.


The world's most powerful individuals and families lean on DC Finance to expand and strengthen their investing network, allowing us to align their interests with investments around the world.


Our Conferences


In the U.S., we hold eight events: In New York City, our flagship East Coast Family Office Conference (www.nyc-wealth.com) and The Semi Annual East Coast Family Office Conference; The New York High Tech & Innovation Family Office Meeting dedicated to technology investments for Family Offices (www.tech-wealth.com) and The New York Real Estate Family Office Meeting (www.wealth-realestate.com).


Other U.S. events include The Texas Series of Family Office Conferences in Dallas (www.wealth-dallas.com) and Houston (www.houston-wealth.com); The Pre-Art Basel Florida Family Office Conference in South Beach, followed by a series of luxury events for DC Finance’s guests, throughout the art week (www.wealth-florida.com); The Chicago Family Office Conference (www.chicago-wealth.com) and Los Angeles (www.westcoast-wealth.com).


One of DC Finance’s fastest growing markets is Canada, where we hold six events - The Toronto Family Office & Wealth Management Conference (www.canada-wealth.com), The Toronto Tech & Innovation Family Office Conference (www.techwealth-canada.com) and The Toronto Real Estate Family Office Conference (www.rewealth-canada.com). Other cities include Montreal (www.montreal-wealth.com), Calgary (www.alberta-wealth.com) and Vancouver (www.vancouver-wealth.com).


Our Private Dinners

Private Dinners – one entity presenting to select families at a fine dining restaurant in one of the main cities in the US, Canada, Europe, Israel, and the UAE. To view an example please click here.



Our Online Sessions


Many of our family offices and high net worth join our weekly online sessions on various topics such as investments, family legacy and innovation. 

A couple of examples:

Team8 (VC) 


Anoushe Anzari 

Nancy Spielberg 

Sarah Arison 

Toronro Stock Exchange 

Anthony Scaramucci 


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