The Semi Annual Family Office & High Net Worth Conference

Wednesday, February 15th, 2023
Bussiness Center, Savyon


DC Finance is proud to present the Semi-Annual TLV FO Conference.

With over 150 Ultra and High Net Worth Individuals and Family Office Executives, this is one of the world's largest wealth management events held Annualy at Savyon.

This prestigious conference provides an annual meeting place for the Israeli wealthy family office and high net worth individuals community.

This Conference will be dedicated to High Tech Family Office Meetings which is part of a series of select Semi Annual events dedicated to investments of high net worth individuals and single family office executives in cutting-edge Technology Opportunities.

Investment opportunities in innovative technologies are increasingly being recognized by the next generation of wealthy families and their family office executives. Family members are more open to exploring opportunities far from their family’s core business and traditional investment portfolios of real estate, stocks, commodities, etc. They understand exciting opportunities exist within high level technology sectors and see the wealth being created, seeking to diversify their portfolios whilst waiting for the next unicorn opportunity.

Unlike traditional institutional investors, high net worth individuals and single family offices are uniquely positioned to invest in innovative technologies. In part due to their freedom of cross-sector investments, appetite and ability to invest in different company stages, different growth perspectives and market caps with more flexibility than institutions that must adhere to specific holding periods due to a fund’s timeline or structure. They are more open to the idea of risk than institutional funds that are highly restricted and regulated. Family offices see this as an exciting investment adventure. With flexibility, patience and resources, private wealth creates the ideal long-term investor base.

Investors are on the constant hunt for returns looking to tap into innovations from Fintech to Aerospace, Life Science to the Internet, Cleantech to Agtech. Network with some of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time and those SFOs who know the value of innovative technologies as they seek to turbo-boost their portfolios. Come and discuss the latest cutting edge ideas, tech trends and investing models in a unique environment.

Come and meet innovation.

The conference's success throughout the year testifies to the current demand in Israel for reliable information. The Israeli market in unique and combines three inflows of liquid capital – new wealth from IPOs and Tech exists, Old wealth that is selling its family business once it reached the 3rd generation stage and international capital coming from the ultra-high net worth Jewish community. Please see more at the "Israeli Market Facts & Figures" part of this letter.

Breakdown: Over 400 guests have attended last year, out of those 80% were high net worth individuals, 10% were senior legal and accounting firm partners, and 10% were single and multi-family office members



Israel's Wealthy: 105,000 millionaires and 18 billionaires  (Nov. 2016).

According to a report by Credit Suisse, 17,000 Israelis became millionaires in 2016 alone, an increase of 19% from 2015; However, while the average Israeli's wealth has doubled since 2000, income inequality has steadily risen.

According to a report published by Credit Suisse, approximately 2% of Israelis have holdings in excess of $1 million, while 32% total between $100,000-$1,000,000, 42.5% between $10,000-$100,000 and 23.5% under $10,000.

According to the report, the number of millionaires in Israel, defined as possessing more than $1 million worth of holdings (cash, property and investments), stands at 105,000 people, of which 18 are considered billionaires. This constitutes an increase of 17,000 people, roughly 19%, in the amount of millionaires since 2015. Additionally, 25 people in Israel hold an estimated fortune of $500 million-$1 billion, while 277 people hold between $100-$500 million.

According to the report, in the last 16 years, the average Israeli citizen's wealth has doubled from $92,589 to $176,263. The median wealth of an Israeli citizen stood at only $54,384—about a third of the average wealth.


Globes Feb.7th 2017-Julius Baer


Since 2008, Israel is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. According to various International Accounting and Consulting Firms, Israel is one of the top ten markets where the percentage of wealthy individuals (with liquidity exceeding 1M$), is of the highest ratio in comparison to the country's population.

On top of that, "most of this wealthy population is concentrated in the towns of Tel-Aviv, Hertzeliya and Jerusalem.

"The growth derives not only from high tech exits. Israelis are in general entrepreneurs in the fields of real estate and heavy industries as well. It is amazing how many Israelis we meet in various countries. That is why Israel is one of our most strategic markets".

Bank Julius Baer


Among our speakers this year: Ms. Iris Leibowitz, SFO, Legal Council | Ms. Sharon Foulston,Chairman, Aladdin Ventures | Prof. Raffi Amit, Professor of Entrepreneurship, Academic Director and Committee Chairman, The Wharton Global Family Alliance | Mr. Ilan Sadon, Owner and Co-CEO, Caspa Global Wealth Management | Mr. Ran Artzi, CPA, Managing Partner, Artzi ,Hiba, Elmekiesse, Cohen - Tax Solutions | Adv. Shira Shine, Partner, Michael Shine & Partners, and manager, | Adv. Kfir Imbermann, Manager, Mapital markets Tax and Deducting Tax at Source Department, Euro VAT Israel | Mr. Yigal Rofeh, CPA, Manager, Tax Department, Fahn Kanne Grant Thornton Israel | Mr. Guy Preminger, CPA, Partner and Technology Leader, PwC Israel |Sarit and Tal Berger, Co-Owner, Osher and Osher, Family Enterprise Consulting | Mr. Elhanan Rosenheim, CEO, Profimex| Mr. Dov Moran, entrepreneur, Inventor of the DiskOnKey | Mr. Guy Schory, Entrepreneur, Director, Strategic Ventures and Innovation - eBay | Mr. Yaky Yanay,President and COO, Pluristem Therapeutics Inc | Mr. Meir Fengistein, Member of the Kaveret (Music Band) and Movie Producer | Mr. Yehuda Meshi-Zahav, Founder, ZAKA | Ms. Nava Michael-Tsabari, Phd., Director, Family Business Program at Lahav Executive Education, Tel Aviv University, Third Generation, Strauss family | Ms. Edna Pasher,Phd., Edna Pasher Ph.D & Associates Management Consultants Ltd.

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