Mr. Yalkin Demirkaya / Former CIA Commander

Mr. Yalkin Demirkaya photo

Mr. Yalkin Demirkaya has twenty years of law enforcement experience as a Detective Investigator as well as a Detective Squad Commander. In addition to his responsibilities as the commander of the Computer Crimes Unit, Mr. Demirkaya also served as the Chief Information Security Officer of the Internal Affairs Bureau of New York Police Department. Mr. Demirkaya has been responsible for creation of the first computer crimes investigation unit dedicated to internal investigations in the government sector. Mr. Demirkaya has pioneered and perfected investigative techniques for internal computer crime investigations.  He possesses twenty-seven years of computer experience as a white hat hacker. He is the founder and was the Commanding Officer of Computer Crimes Investigation Unit of Internal Affairs Bureau, New York Police Department.

Mr. Demirkaya has been responsible for the formation of policies and investigative procedures in the area of computer crime. He is one of the world’s leading experts in the field of internal computer crime investigations. Mr. Demirkaya has extensive experience in investigation of high level industrial espionage cases where the survival of the client organization was at stake. He has successfully investigated and recovered key evidence in numerous industrial espionage cases on a global scale for Fortune 500 companies. Mr. Demirkaya has served as an advisor and presenter for law enforcement as well as the legal, business and academic communities on computer security and computer crime issues. He has lectured extensively and provides training in Computer Security, Computer Crime Investigations, Computer Forensics and Electronic Counter Measures fields.

Mr. Demirkaya holds a B.S. in Police Science with Criminology minor and an M.A. in Criminal Justice with Computer Science concentration. He is certified by the United States National Security Agency (NSA) as Information Security Assessor. He is a licensed Private Investigator and Certified Computer Forensics Examiner.

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