Ms. Bryn Mars / Founder, Bryn Mars Consulting

Ms. Bryn Mars  photo

Bryn Mars is the founder of Bryn Mars Consulting, a company focused on helping families with succession planning, generational transfer, and Next Gen challenges.

After earning her degree in Psychology from Skidmore College, Bryn went on to serve as a high level operations manager in the fitness industry, including Chief Operations Officer for a boutique wellness company in the NYC area. Though fitness was her first career, Bryn was introduced to her family office at the age of 18, and quickly found an interest and love of the fine line of business and family.

Bryn is an active member of the Board of Directors of her family office, and recently elected as Chairperson of their newest entity, FAM Legacy Solutions. She has spent countless hours attending various conferences and training programs to better understand the trends in the wealth management, and family office space. She and her cousins had the unique experience of creating a cousin’s investment group, which allowed her to learn the intricacies of investing, while also learning to work with her closest family members. Using these experiences, her educational background, and and understanding of business practice, she has spoken at various conferences, and one on one meetings, over the past 10 years, detailing the successes and challenges of succession planning within a family office.

Bryn recognizes the importance of independence as a defining feature of her lifestyle, and uses that value to drive her forward.


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