Family Wealth Magazine


Family Wealth Magazine is Israel’s magazine for the High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) and Family Office (FO’s and is an important source of information for a wide variety of topics on the agenda of wealthy families.


Topics include:

Wealth Management - Anything taxes is discussed in detail, including tax planning, inheritance, estates, asset preservation, capital transfers, trusts, third generation related issues and investments.

Family Office - Family Wealth Magazine offers articles, columns as well as interviews with single family offices from all around the world covering the developments in the Family Office space, specifically  for the six publication, we will cover Multi Family Offices’ dialog with Private Banking.

Philanthropy - Philanthropy is a core value in the DC Finance dialog and we make sure to elaborately discuss philanthropic methodology, the proper degree of philanthropic investment, trends in the sector, social responsibility donations, impact investing etc.

Family Business Management - Anything from building the next generation, challenges in the business and the family to a review of the world of family businesses and in depth interviews with prominent family business owners.

In addition Family Wealth includes The directory of Family Wealth advisors which contains a listing of national and international professional advisors, including Multi Family Offices, attorneys, accountants, private bankers and trusts organized into different categories to help prospective clients locate the suitable professional that best meet their business needs.

The magazine is distributed at DC Finance events worldwide with circulation is in 18,000 to high net worth households in Israel and at all of DC Finance's events worldwide.

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